Laser Hair Removal in Chicago, IL

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Getting rid of unwanted hair does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. At Lincoln Park Aesthetics, we have a convenient method for longer-term removal of hair on the face and body with laser hairreduction. Our aesthetics team performs safe, FDA-approved laser hair reduction services in commonly requested areas, like the legs, back, arms, face, chest, and intimate areas. We can determine how our Lumenis® Splendor X laser technology can change your hair removal routine for the better. Request your private consultation today at our Chicago, IL aesthetics practice.

DO I Qualify for laser hair removal?

How dense your hair grows, how quickly your hair regrows, and where you would like laser hair reduction are all determining factors. At your consultation, we will go over your needs, concerns, and goals so we can decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure. You may be an excellent candidate for laser hair removal treatments if you:

  • Have unwanted face or body hair
  • No longer want to rely on short-term hair removal techniques (waxing, shaving, plucking, threading, or depilatory creams)
  • Do not have a medical condition that prohibits the use of the laser
  • Are in good health

Our Laser Hair ReductionTechnique

When you come into Lincoln Park Aesthetics for laser hair removal, your privacy and safety are our utmost priority. We will take you to a treatment room set up with our Lumenis Splendor X laser.  Once you privately undress, your laser technician will re-enter the room to begin the treatment. The laser beam will focus on the destruction of the hair follicle and will preserve the skin and other tissue in the area being treated.

On average, you will need to get 4- 6 sessions spaced apart by about 6-8 weeks to get ideal results. Your appointments should be scheduled to accommodate your hair growth. This also allows time for follicles in the dormant growth phase to go into an active phase to be treated.

What to Expect

Although laser hair removal may not seem relatively gentle in nature, we  make sure you are relaxed and comfortable during your sessions. Keep in mind, your skin may look like it has a light sunburn afterward because of the laser. When you leave our office, you will able to resume your daily activities. Please avoid heavy activity or lengthy exposure to the sun for at least a day to let the treated skin heal. When you get home following your treatment, we suggest anti-inflammatory creams or cold packs to minimize any discomfort.

For Incredibly smooth skin with LHR

Lincoln Park Aesthetics is proud to offer state-of-the-art hair reduction technology with the Lumenis Splendor X for patients of varying hair types. The laser we use provides great results today, but we continue to upgrade our practice's technology as newer lasers become available. We encourage you to ask us for more information on our laser system during your consultation. Schedule an appointment to learn more about laser hair reduction sessions at Lincoln Park Aesthetics in Chicago, IL.

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